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Raid Gaza! Raid Gaza!

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Its funny how snobbish people who live 12 hours

Away from the actual happenings like to talk about how horrible it is.
Yeah, slaughtering.

Isaraeli cities are under daily missile attack for 8 years now. the 1.5 million citizens of the Israeli south have ruined economy, very low education and no future living there.

Show me another country willing to suffer missile attack on cities of her EVERY DAY, doing nothing.

The people of Gaza chose the Hamas as their leaders,
They had a democratical choice and they chose Hamas.
Muslemic children are being tought since the age of 0 to hate Jews, and kill every one they encounter. Muslems kill every one who stands in their way, including their own.

How can a man possibly wear an explosive devise on his body,
Go on a bus FULL with children, old people, women and normal people,
Look at them and blow them all up. Insane and disguisting!
Israel does not and will not suffer the terrorist threat any more.
The people of Israel want ***king peace, they just want to live quietly, and the arabs just keep push it, every single day!

Wanna see the muslem real nature? id=3369102968312745410
Here you go, but stop complaining about Israel when you live in your snobbish fancy houses 10 hours away. you have no idea how it is to live under constant fear of dying, exploding in a bus, afraid to travel in country sides and unable to live in cities, used to constant missile attacks on them. you don't know sh!t.

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